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CELSPED services

An integral service for clients is representation in customs, tax and administrative proceedings. Celsped furthermore provides complex processing, filing and requests handling of various types (eg. refunds, applications for economically-beneficial regimes, customs warehouses ...). Celsped provides advisory and consulting activities in the field of customs, covering a wide range of disciplines from legislation, customs services, custom evaluation, commodity, tariff classification and to other specific competencies.

Import of goods

The CELSPED s.r.o. company provides a wide range of services related to import of the goods.

  • SAD - Single Administrative Document, Electronic Customs Declaration (e-Import / Form C88)
  • SADs - Single Administrative Document Supplementary
  • Declaration of customs value


Export of goods

The CELSPED s.r.o. company provides a wide range of services related to export of the goods.


Representation of the subject

  • Direct - acting on behalf of and for the benefit of a represented subject
  • Indirect - acting on our behalf for the benefit of the represented subject
  • Securing the customs debt
  • Individual warranty

Customs services

Comprehensive processing, submission and processing of requests of various types i.e.:



Since the Czech Republic joined the European Union in May 2004, we also focus on Intrastat, a data collection system for statistics on trade in goods between Member States.
All entities in the Czech Republic (registered for VAT) who have dispatched or received goods from another EU Member State in the past year in excess of CZK 8 million have the obligation to report data for Intrastat. The obligation to report Intrastat also includes entities exceeding the CZK 8 million limit since the beginning of this calendar year, especially for receipt or delivery of goods.
In the month when this limit was reached, the entity must register, submit an Intrastat report to the local customs office and becomes reporting unit for Intrastat.
For the month in which the reporting agent does not carry out any transaction, it is required to submit a negative report to the relevant customs office.
If only a one-off (occasional) receipt or dispatch of goods is made at a value reaching the reporting amount, it is sufficient to file only a one-off statement for INTRASTAT unless the reporting entity expects any further receipt or dispatch of goods by the end of the calendar year.
The obligation to report data for INTRASTAT does not arise from a person not required to file a VAT return.
The intrastat can be completed and sent by another entity as its representative.

The benefits of external processing

The advantage of processing our INTRASTAT system as a representative will be for you to save your workforce, to process new intrastat trades across the EU and reduce the cost of training this power.
Our staff are already trained in the field of intrastate registration and legislative changes.
Tracking of TARIC tariff changes and other costs associated with this.
We're taking responsibility for correct and timely submission of intrastat reports.
Saving software equipment for INTRASTAT and its updates.


What is EORI number and what is used for?

  • The EORI number serves as a unique identifier for subsequent communication with the customs authorities of all Member States of the European Union.

How do I get the EORI number?

What documents do I submit at the first export, import?

  • EORI ID number.
  • Verified copy of Business Register listing and VAT registration number.
  • The power of attorney for representation in the customs procedure must be signed by the statutory body according to the extract from the Business Register.

What must be on the invoice?

  • Delivery terms according to INCOTERMS (who pays for the transport and its price to be divided into CZ, EU and third countries)
  • Number and type of packages
  • Gross and net weight
  • Mode of transport and license number of the means of transport, in the case of a piece consignment a license number of a car that arrives at the local customs office
  • Customs office of exit from the EU
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