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President of Nigeria meets with WCO Secretary General

At the invitation of His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, WCO Secretary General Dr. Kunio Mikuriya was received at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on 2 February 2023. He was accompanied by representatives of Customs administrations attending the WCO Conference on Enabling Customs in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations, including Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali, Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service.

President Buhari declared that Nigeria and her neighbours must place a higher premium on the effective policing of borders, as the fragile nature of entry points into various countries enhances terrorism, economic sabotage and the illicit flow of arms.

He said it gladdened his heart that the WCO was dedicating an entire conference to fragile and conflict-affected situations, which the President said was of “critical importance for us as a country as we go to the polls, but equally important to most countries on the continent, and dare I say the world. The fragility of our borders has been a major Achilles heel in our fight against terrorism, economic sabotage and the illicit flow of small and light weapons.”

The Nigerian leader then briefed the WCO Secretary General and his delegation on a number of initiatives, including: mandating the Nigeria Customs Service to support other agencies in fighting terrorism; approving a new Customs modernization project that actively promotes the integration of technology into border operations; and revising the law in order to strengthen the Nigeria Customs Service and provide stiffer sanctions against smuggling and other criminal acts.

Dr. Mikuriya thanked the President for demonstrating a strong political will to support the Nigeria Customs Service as a critical actor in Nigeria’s security arsenal, and praised him for making the modernization of the Nigeria Customs Service a priority.

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What is EORI number and what is used for?

  • The EORI number serves as a unique identifier for subsequent communication with the customs authorities of all Member States of the European Union.

How do I get the EORI number?

What documents do I submit at the first export, import?

  • EORI ID number.
  • Verified copy of Business Register listing and VAT registration number.
  • The power of attorney for representation in the customs procedure must be signed by the statutory body according to the extract from the Business Register.

What must be on the invoice?

  • Delivery terms according to INCOTERMS (who pays for the transport and its price to be divided into CZ, EU and third countries)
  • Number and type of packages
  • Gross and net weight
  • Mode of transport and license number of the means of transport, in the case of a piece consignment a license number of a car that arrives at the local customs office
  • Customs office of exit from the EU

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