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RILO ECE and WE take part in the PEN-CP kick-off meeting

The Heads of the Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILOs) for Eastern and Central Europe (ECE) and Western Europe (WE) took part in the kick-off meeting of the Pan-European Network of Customs Practitioners (PEN-CP) from 24 to 26 October 2018.  The Horizon 2020-financed project is an initiative of the Cross-Border Research Association and has taken on board 13 Customs administrations as well as the Universities of Delft (Netherlands) and Lausanne (Switzerland) to deliver, over the coming 60 months, a broad range of products and insights for the benefit of Customs administrations.  The project covers Customs security technology and Customs security management topics and is supported by ARTTIC, a management service offering a complete range of tools to manage projects such as this one.

Some 45 participants, who also worked in a number of smaller break-out groups, discussed and defined the first stages of the project.  The management team, which includes the Hungarian, Belgian, Irish and British Customs Administrations, will provide the initial results in a month or so.

A number of annual studies, expert reports, technology grants and many more outcomes are expected over the five-year period of the project.  The RILOs ECE and WE will actively support the project in their capacity as members of the advisory board.

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What is EORI number and what is used for?

  • The EORI number serves as a unique identifier for subsequent communication with the customs authorities of all Member States of the European Union.

How do I get the EORI number?

What documents do I submit at the first export, import?

  • EORI ID number.
  • Verified copy of Business Register listing and VAT registration number.
  • The power of attorney for representation in the customs procedure must be signed by the statutory body according to the extract from the Business Register.

What must be on the invoice?

  • Delivery terms according to INCOTERMS (who pays for the transport and its price to be divided into CZ, EU and third countries)
  • Number and type of packages
  • Gross and net weight
  • Mode of transport and license number of the means of transport, in the case of a piece consignment a license number of a car that arrives at the local customs office
  • Customs office of exit from the EU

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